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Base on reported complains, Honda now seems to be one of the leading cars with mechanical problems.

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It is a thing of wisdom to know the common problems of Honda cars before buying one.

Ordinarily, it is believed that the Honda car is one of the most beloved cars ever. As a matter of fact, it is ranked amongst the coolest. Excellent engineering and comfort are the two major reasons Honda owners often go for the same model over again.

However, it is true that every other vehicles develop mechanical problems at some point in time. But based on reported complains, Honda now seems to be one of the leading cars in matters of mechanical issues.

With this in mind, the decision was made to point out some mechanical problems that are common with most Honda cars.

What are the most common Honda car problems?

  1. Vibration when braking: It is believed that warped front brake rotors is the major cause of this Honda car problem. It can be rattling, shaking or a rubbing kind of sensation. In some cases, the Honda car rotors can be machined as a fix. If too thin, the rotors will have to require replacement. Sadly, Honda cars with over 98,000 mileage are likely to have this issues.
  2. Oil and coolant leaks: Certain models of Honda car can leak oil externally or allow coolant into the combustion chamber due to a faulty head gasket. In other to correct this Honda car problem, The head gasket should be replaced.
  3. Transmission failure: Usually over 70,000 miles, transmission spillage, poor shifting, skipping, or failure may occur in some Honda cars. And the repair to this problem might require a transmission overhaul or complete replacement.
  4. Power door lock failure: This Honda car problem is one problem that can be very very frustrating because the power door lock usually activates on their own. And this happens with Honda cars that travel over 105,000 miles. Also, the Honda car remote door lock control will refuse to function properly.
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