‘Come and give me some TLC’ — ex-Langtang girl relives sexual harassment by teacher


Following by an investigative report by TheCable on allegations of pimping and sexual harassment at the Federal Government Girls College, Langtang, Plateau state, Timbyen Amos Dashe, a former student of the school, has taken to Facebook to relate her experience with a teacher when she was 15. Her post is reproduced here unedited.

I would like to talk about the trending FGGC LANGTANG PIMPING AND SEXUAL ASSAULT saga.

I would be focusing on this alone and not on the “deplorable” conditions of the school that was depicted, many have argued that the infrastructure is better than portrayed, but again, I am not focusing on that and also not on if there is corruption in the school system aimed at diverting funds.

I would however speak on what I do know and I choose to do this here because it might be views many won’t agree with.

I graduated from fggc langtang in July 2009, I left the school a few days after my 16th birthday.

I had made friends over the years and cried because I was going to loose them again.

But there I also learnt that there were wolves amongst us, those with the responsibility to teach had taken up the form of the devourer.

We heard so many rumors about the fraternization of male teachers and students, but it was always just a rumor.

Not until finally, I got a taste of that which was rumored, a teacher out rightly hit on then 15 year old me,and in his words said “come and give me some Tlc” …….. That was sexual harassment ! I am not looking to you for a definition. I am only here to say that from my experience, I know better than to dismiss this completely.

It took me a while to know what TLC meant, but I understood the context almost immediately ,for this was not my first dance with his kind after all.

There are many schools in Nigeria and within Africa with these same Stories, fggc Langtang has been picked to expose the rot, and rather than seeing this as a ploy to tarnish the image of my Alma mater, I would lend my voice to truth and support that if indeed students are being pimped, it should be investigated with the aim to expose and correct rather than that which would intend to cover it all up and save face.

Dear Flogites, some weeks back some of you walked for the girl child, fate has dealt you this blow, are you going to keep shouting foul or would you take this opportunity to rebuild that which has been torn down? And in the process correct whatever information was misrepresented in that article?

Your denial can no longer hurt you as much as it would the girl you leave unprotected.

If you are not 100% sure the story isn’t true, please close your mouth as you gather the facts.


Deeply pained


  1. S

It is worthy to note that I am a Tarok girl from langtang North where the school is located. I stand to gain nothing if the image of the school or my local government is tarnished. I stand to lose more.

Pro unitate.

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