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6 Habits that make your eye look older


Your eyes are the windows to your soul, they can add character to one’s face and enhance one’s beauty but sadly, while the rest of one’s face gets the best of creams and treatments, the undereye area gets neglected.

The skin on the undereye is much thinner and more delicate than the skin on the rest of the face and it is also prone to constant exertion and lacks sebaceous glands, collagen and elastin. Which is why the first signs of ageing always show around the eyes so stop neglecting your under eyes and never do these below listed things that are piling ages on your face.

You are rubbing in the wrong direction: As mentioned earlier, your under eye skin is really thin; rubbing too vigorously will cause the delicate under eye areas to develop fine lines and wrinkles. Don’t stress out the skin more by rubbing or tugging the delicate area in the wrong direction.

You are scrubbing under your eyes: An exfoliating scrub for your skin once in awhile is fine but leave out your under eye area. Broken blood vessels can lead to more problems like dark circles so it is best to leave your under eye alone and if you must exfoliate, use a little bit of cleanser on a soft cotton ball and rub lightly.

You are neglecting your brows: A full bushy brow is not just a recent fad; it is a sign of good health, youth and vitality, thinning eyebrows with hair growing in patches are signs that you are ageing; combat this eyebrow situation with a good eyebrow pencil to fill out the bald patches and massage your brows with a good quality castor oil every night.

You are not plucking your eyebrows right: Sometimes, the shape of your eyebrows can add years to your eyes; a downward sloping, droopy eyebrows can give the impression of sagging eyes and hence make you look older.

You are not getting enough sleep: If you aren’t getting enough sleep, it will start showing under your eyes; dark circles are caused by poor blood circulation around the eyes, which results from poor sleep, the darker the under eyes are, the older you look.

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