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My most dramatic day in court


Prince Oluwaseun Joshua Ijaodola bagged his LL.B from the University of Ilorin in 2011; he proceeded to the Law School in 2012 and was called to the Nigerian Bar same year. Since then, he has been practising in Ijaodola Chambers, located in Ilorin. He however shares with KAYODE ADEOTI, his unforgettable day in court.
Series of experiences have trailed my moments in court as a legal practitioner. It is like every day for a new experience. But the day I cannot forget was when I was still practising in Lagos. The matter actually came up in a Federal High before the judge I will not want to mention. It was a serious matter that has to do with hard drug.
While the matter was pending before him, we had to apply for a stay of proceedings and instead of hearing our application, he started witch hunting our client. He told him he’s going to withdraw the bail which he was already enjoying if we decided to go on with our motion; this however scared our client who later asked us to withdraw the said application. That incident made me part ways with an old associate then because I had never seen a situation where a judge will threaten a client. And of course till date, I can’t forget that in my life.

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