Kwara Poly Rector to Students: Miss lectures, risk expulsion 


Students of Kwara State Polytechnic, who fall short of 75 per cent class attendance, would be expelled from the institution.
This warning was handed down to the students by the Rector of the Polytechnic, Alhaji Mas’ud Elelu in his address at the matriculation ceremony for new students held at the school premises on recently.
He said: “I need to inform you that failure to fulfil 75 per cent attendance in class will mean the forfeiture of your studentship in the Polytechnic.”
To the new intakes, Elelu advised that they should be focused on their academics and shun social vices that could mar their future aspirations.
“You are advised to be law-abiding, shun cultism, face your studies squarely, live harmoniously with other students and staff and obey the rules and regulations of the polytechnic.
“I also want to advise you to resist temptation of becoming a nuisance to the system by getting yourselves involved in any act of indiscipline such as examination malpractices, fraud, sexual harassment of lecturers, admission and school fees fraud, truancy in class and other forms of misconduct.
The Rector reminded the new students that the oath they took serves as a legal seal to the confirmation of their membership of the polytechnic and a promise to be good and law-abiding citizens of Nigeria.
“You are expected to refrain from acts that are capable of disrupting the peace of the Institution. Obedience and respect to duly constituted authorities should become your watch-word,” he further said.
Elelu, however, assured that the management of the institution in accordance with its resolution would continue to steer the ship of the institution in the direction of   progress and development to realise the ideals of the founding fathers of the school.
Meanwhile, the Rector has reiterated his administration’s commitment to sustain the Students Union E-voting elections. The E-voting system started last academic session.
Elelu stated this during the voting exercise of 2017/2018 academic session of the SUG general elections. According to him, the e-voting was to address the irregularities that usually characterise the pervious ballot papers system of elections.

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