5 Newest Cars in Nigeria Auto market


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The auto market in Nigeria is currently one of the best in sub-Saharan Africa. Nigeria’s robust economy and market make it appealing to the world’s top car manufacturing companies. Although a country’s excessive reliance on imported vehicles poses a threat to local manufacturers as well as the economy at large, certain steps have been taken by the federal government to protect the economy, create jobs, and conserve our already depleted foreign exchange reserves.
The importation of vehicles has been discouraged by the federal government through its National automotive policy and this policy has encouraged some multinational car manufacturers to set up car assembly plants in Nigeria. The Nigerian auto market is too big to be ignored; in fact, it’s the gateway to the sub-Saharan Africa auto market. Premium Car brands like Porsche, Roll Royce, Land Rover, already have their showrooms in Nigeria and this speak volumes about the giant strides Nigeria has made in her quest to diversify her economy.The 5 newest cars in the Nigeria Auto market include:
1. Rolls Royce Phantom (2015)
All Rolls Royce products are high-end, in fact; only the affluent can afford a piece of their high-tech mobile machines. Just like the previous editions, the Phantom 2015 is powered by an enormous 12 cylinder engine. This powerful engine displaces 6.7 liters and produces 531-pound feet of torque at 3500 rpm and 453 horsepower at 5350 rpm. Despite its massive 5800-pound curb weight, the rear drive of the Phantom 2015 enables it accelerate from zero to 60 mph in 6 seconds. It comes with an 8-speed automatic transmission which also allows for fast shifting of gears.
Average Price: N97,692,650
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