I’ll date, marry younger man again, says Shan George


Nigerian Nollywood veteran actress Shan George, who also doubles as a movie director has hinted on the possibility of her taking a younger man as her husband.
In the past, the actress was rumoured to be going out with younger men and she never dismissed the speculation.
Well, according to her she was always spotted with her grown up male children whom people believed she was dating.
Speaking in an interview, Shan George was asked if she would date a younger man and she asked if the interviewer needed a yes or no, when the interviewer affirmed to this she said she definitely would do it.
“Yes, I will because I’m someone who believes that age is not about maturity. You can be old and you’re stupid old man. If I get the opportunity of meeting a younger man than I am – even if he is six months younger than you, he is still a younger man – who is mature-minded, it’s still better than an old foolish man as far as I’m concerned.” Shan George responded.
She also hinted that she may give marriage another shot.

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