Clara and the mysterious serial killer


By Abdulwahid Abdulgafar

Once upon a time in the early 90’s, a nurse, Clara was working at a teaching hospital. She was a single lady who lived in the hospital’s staff quarters with her pets; two cats and a dog. Directly behind her apartment was Dr. Tom’s apartment who was on a 6 years assignment in South Africa.

Clara was the type that minded her business and only talked when spoken to. One day, on her way back from the hospital she overheard some of her colleagues discussion about a nursing student that was found dead by the hostel gate.  Being the type that isn’t nosey she silently prayed for the dead in her mind and headed home. After dinner she went to room and through the window she noticed that the lights in Dr. Tom’s apartment was on, so she thought he was back, though surprised since he was meant to be away for four more years, but again being one who does not poke nose into other people’s affairs, she ignored and went to bed. The next morning, it was reported that another student (female) was killed and dumped by the roadside. Tension was high and everybody was advised to be vigilant while indoors especially at night time. Security was beefed up within the hospital premises and there was no such scary occurrence for some months thereafter.

However, one day, it was dark and the road desolate. Clara was on her way back from the hospital when all of a sudden she noticed someone walking behind her. At first, she felt it was one of her neigbours heading home, only for the person to disappear for few minutes and re-appeared again. That was when Clara realised she was in danger. Luckily she was close to her apartment so she ran home and bolted her doors and windows in fear. After several minutes she put herself together and decided to make herself dinner, while she was in the kitchen she again noticed that the lights in Dr. Tom’s apartment were on and she caught a glimpse of a man whom she thought was Dr. Tom, so Clara became a little bit relaxed. She was however shocked when the man in the other apartment looked through the window and waved at her. She couldn’t wave back because the man was wearing mask. She knew that Dr. Tom wouldn’t have waved at her like that and definitely won’t put on a mask since it wasn’t Halloween.  She quickly closed her window and left the kitchen, she couldn’t call the authorities since she wanted to be sure of who it was. On that fateful day around 2am her dog barked furiously, Clara who had a long day and was exhausted couldn’t get out of bed to check what was going on as all she wanted was for the dog to keep quiet so that she could get a sound sleep, and the dog did. When Clara woke up in the morning, she found her beloved dog dead, its throat had been slit. She was depressed and couldn’t go to work, she cried all day. When she got to work the next day she was told that her next door neighbour was murdered the night her dog was killed, that was when it dawned on her that the dog was trying to protect her neighbour from the killer but ended up dead too. She became terrified and ran to the police and told them everything. She was told to go home and be safe that they were going to carry out an investigation into the case. To be continued

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