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Ashamed, when my case was struck out for lack of diligent prosecution


Alhassan Zubair is a lawyer based in Ilorin, the Kwara State capital. He bagged his LL.B from the University of Ilorin in 2013. He had his NYSC at the Faculty of Law, University of Benin, Edo State between 2013-2014, afterwards, he proceeded to the Nigerian Law School, Abuja where he was called to Bar in 2015. He started his practice with Manzuma Issa & Co. He is presently a counsel with S. O. Jimoh and Co, Ore-Ofe Chamber. He however, shares with ABIODUN BOLUJOKO his unforgettable experience in court. Excerpts:

One fateful day at Manzuma Issa & Co, we had many cases to attend to, which our principal dispatched us to handle in different courts. He gave me a file which happened to be a case at the Court of Appeal, Ilorin Judicial Division.

Prior to that time, I had never handled a case alone in the Court of Appeal. Before I got to the court, the case I came for had been called for three consecutive times, but no one was there to put up appearance.

At the court premises, I saw our case amongst other cases pasted on the notice board in the list titled Indilligent Prosecution of Cases. Seeing this, my mind skipped and started beating fast.  I  pondered in my mind on what defence I would put up, I became very apprehensive that the judges will bombard me with questions, but  I braced up and went into the court. When the case was called again, I was feeling jittery and invariably lost my composure. I managed to stand up and the Judge asked, ‘why did you abandon the case, for three times, your matter was called?’’

I responded that we could not get our client on phone, not even the person that introduced him to us. They asked me again if I have the Court of Appeal Rule with me, after a search into my bag, I couldn’t find it. I was ashamed and felt disgraced.  I however pleaded with the judge to give me another date for adjournment. But at the end, my case was struck out for lack of diligent prosecution.

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