Men go into relationship for money – Ini Edo


Perception is different from reality but it is true that one forms their own reality from what they perceive from the outside world.

So when Nollywood actress, Ini Edo recently opined that most men of nowadays only go into relationships because of financial gains, a lot of questions sprung up among social media users.

In a recent interview, 36-year-old Ini Edo stated that the modern man is a world different from the kind of men that existed before.

She revealed that prostitution has reduced and women are now finding ways to be more independent.

According to her, the repercussion of having so many independent women, is having men who now move from one relationship to another, in hopes to gain financial assistance from hardworking ladies.

She said: “Men of these days are not what they used to be. But the issues are not addressed. Nobody is talking about it. Ironically, prostitution has reduced drastically. Young girls now go into different kinds of small-scale businesses like makeup, hair dressing and creams making. They now hustle more to make a living but I can’t say the same thing for men. I’m sorry but that’s the truth. For some men, their job is to move around from one woman to another for money. It’s like a full time job for them and nobody is addressing the issue. Don’t get me wrong, not all men do it, but some of them.” Indeed! It’s a serious issue. Meanwhile, Kenyan socialite, Vera Sidika, has advised women not to depend on men for survival. She expressed that all a woman needs is her man’s loyalty.

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