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Embarrassed, when judge asked if I was interviewed before employment


Ismail Danjuma Yusuf had his LL.B in Common and Islamic Law from the
University of Ilorin,  Nigeria in 2015, afterwards he proceeded to the
Nigerian Law School, Kano State campus and was called to the Nigerian
Bar in 2016. Upon completion of his NYSC programme in 2016, he joined
the Law Firm of I. B. Abdulquadri, where he is presently practising.
He shares with ABIODUN BOLUJOKO, his unforgettable experience in the
legal profession. Excerpts:
The day I cannot forget in a hurry in the course of practicing my
profession was when I appeared at the Court of Appeal in Ilorin, Kwara
The matter was slated for hearing, the presiding Justice asked when
the motion of Appeal was filed. I searched my file for my copy, but I
couldn’t find one. Surprisingly, were you interviewed by your
principal before being employed?  I said, ‘I’m sorry my Lord’ He said
further, ‘don’t be sorry, aren’t you ashamed of yourself?.
There was air-conditioner in the courtroom but I was sweated
profusely. The case was later adjourned for hearing.
I felt sad, disgraced and embarrassed over it more especially because
some of my junior colleagues were in court. The next day I could  not
go to the  office because it took me a while to get over the trauma.

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