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Deal justly with orphans to avoid Allah’s wrath, cleric warns Muslims

By Ahmed Ajikobi

An Imam of Ajakuta Mosque, Adewole, Ilorin, Ustaz Lukman AbdulHakeem has urged Muslims to use their time on earth to prepare for the hereafter before they are visited by death.
The Muslim cleric who was a guest preacher at the Jumaat service further called on the Muslims to embark on lots of meritorious deeds and have the firm believe that they will one day meet with Almighty Allah after their death.
According to him, “Muslims should believe in the certainty of death and let it reflect in their action.
He noted that ”It’s not that Muslims didn’t believe in the existence of death,  its just that our actions portrayed towards it is not enough.
‘When a Muslim fellow dies or anyone for that matter, we will gather at the cemetery to think of God for few minute. After the janazah, many of us unfortunately forget about the episode and return to our sinful lives.”
Ustaz AbdulHakeem said Muslims will give account of what they did in this world before Allah adding that the outcome of the accountability will determine our fate to be admitted in Paradise or condemned to Hell.
He said “In the Day of Judgement everyone will be equal, whether you are Managing Director of a company, Governor, President, Sheikh or Imam among other positions one might have held. We will all give account of our deeds and when the judgement comes Muslims or anyone have no one to be blame other than our soul.”
Speaking on the orphans, Ustaz AbdulHakeem charged Muslims inspite of their wealth or property to fear Allah in their deeds to avoid the wrath of Allah.
“Anyone who is saddled with responsibility to manage orphans but who decide to cheat on them and their property left by their late  parents will be punished by Almighty Allah.
“Anyone in the position of authority should remember that death will come unexpected and in the grave the angels will come to ask about his God and religion. Allah also will ask of how he used all the power given to him,  what he or she did in this world and the person’s response will determine his or her position after death.”
He tasked Muslims to be of good deeds, observing five daily prayers and make use of the words of Allah to better their lives in the hereafter.

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