Tips for hip and booty enlargement


Increasing your hip and butt size is not one of the easiest muscle
building to do, but it can be done, and it’s always worth it.
Please note that you must avoid cardio exercises and also cut out on
caloric intake, before you begin these exercises for maximum effect.
Try to add extra 250 calories to your daily caloric intake.
The safest, most natural and most effective way to widen your hips is
through proper Exercise (Squats) and Nutrition.
1. Nutrition: Get calories from clean sources to avoiding gaining
additional weight. Thus, it is best to take calories from the clean
sources. Augmenting your hip size is not an excuse for eating
non-healthy foods. Consume foods which are packed with nutrition such
as veggies, lean meats, fruits, low fat dairy items and whole grains.
Seeds and nuts can also be excellent for your overall nutrition.
2. Exercises
* Squat: Do a few free squats as this helps in working out your hips,
hamstring and thighs. For best results, it is better if you use
dumbbells for adding extra resistance. Do these 10 to 12 repetitions
with 3 to 4 sets. Incorporating the squat with the isometric ball
squeeze can be excellent for the hips. Place the stability ball
against the wall and stand in the back with your right side facing.
Extend your right leg and put your outer side against the ball. You
should then apply the force and hold for 30 seconds. Then do the
exercise on the left side. Repeat it for 4 to 6 repetitions.
* Donkey Kick: One exercise that can help contribute to widening your
hips and enlarging your butt is the donkey kick. For performing a
donkey kick:
• Get on all fours with knees together.• Keep the legs in the same
position by lifting it back until your thigh comes parallel to the
ground while your buttocks are squeezed.• For a harder and more
effective workout try to add ankle weights.• Repeat this for 12 to 20
times.• Then repeat this on the other leg.• This equals to one Rep.•
Repeat it for two more reps.
* Lunges: Keep your back straight and your shoulders back• With one
leg step forward and bend at a 90 degree angle. Be sure that you front
knee is above your ankle, and you back knee should not touch the
floor.• Push back up and squeeze glutes
Stair Climbing: With a weighted backpack, walk up and down the stairs.
Make sure that the back of your foot touches the surface completely.•
Choose your reps according to your fitness level• If stair climbing is
not an option, try stepping up on a stool or chair…Repeat several
Combined together with proper nutritional regimen will earn you instant results.

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