Sola Braithwaite, Lagos dude who got N.5bn contracts in Kwara with company CAC declared dormant

By Mumini Abdulkareem
Sola Braithwaite is one of the biggest beneficiaries of the Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq administration. Where local contractors are lamenting deliberate and consistent neglect and non-patronage by the Kwara State government, Braithwaite is reaping bountifully from mouth-watering, multi-million naira contracts. Where local contractors are gnashing their teeth, Braithwaite is smiling to the banks. Kwara under Gov Abdulrazaq is Braithwaite’s gold mine. As at last count, Braithwaite had cornered contracts running into N.5bn directly awarded to him by the Kwara governor.
The biggest contract awarded to him by the governor was the renovation of the Government High School (GHS), located at Adeta in the heart of Ilorin. The secondary school was owned originally by the governor’s father, the late elder statesman, AGF Abdulrazaq. It was known as Ilorin College at inception. The contract sum for the renovation of the school was N360 million, according to available accounts. Other contracts he got were, renovation of 2 blocks in Sobi Specialist Hospital and renovation of 4 blocks at Hajj Camp, both in Ilorin under the Covid-19 contracts scheme.
But who is Sola Braithwaite and how did he come into his fortune in Kwara? Braithwaite’s name rings no bell in Kwara, not among the general populace. But the same name carries weight where it mattered, that is the power corridors in the state of harmony. He is well known in Kwara’s seat of power. Braithwaite is one of Gov, Abdulrasaq’s close friends and associates. He is from the aristocratic stock in Lagos. Aside being a thoroughbred Lagosian, Braithwaite is a socialite. But that is a mild description of him. Hedonist is a more fitting description. Braithwaite loves life, and he chops it to the fullest. That’s about all he is known for and what he knows how to do best.
He flaunts an engineering company which he co-owned with his wife, Onikepo. Both Braithwaite and wife are reportedly separated presently. The engineering company with which Braithwaite has been winning contracts in Kwara is called Concel Engineering Nigeria Limited. The interesting thing is that the company allegedly has no track record of any engineering job. It was also said to lack construction equipment when he bagged the multimillion naira contracts in Kwara at the expense of well equipped and better qualified local contractors. The Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) recorded Concel as “Inactive” on its website.

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