APC Crisis: Iliasu threatens to kill Prof Oba’s aide, Alaka over Gov’s Ramadan rice

...says "if I don't beat you to death, cal me bastard" "Your endwill be miserable", kinsmen blast ex-lawmaker

By Ahmed Ajikobi
The crisis rocking the Kwara State chapter of the All Progressive Congress (APC) took a new twist on Sunday as the former member of the Kwara State House of Assembly, Hon Ibrahim Iliasu and threatened to beat an aide of Prof Abdulraheem Shuaib Oba, Moshood Alaka to death over Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq’s Ramadan rice.
Iliasu’s invectives against Alaka was contained in a leaked audio that went viral in the state last night where the former lawmakers was heard threatening to go to his house and beat him to death.
Efforts to get their reactions to the leaked audio yesterday were not successful as they both declaimed to make further clarifications when contacted on the phone.
However, kinsmen of Alaka who were angered by Iliasu’s rain of abuses on him retaliated in another leaked audio calling the former lawmaker an unfortunate fellow who will suffer great misery in the later part of life.
The content of both audios which were obtained by National Pilot last night goes thus:
Iliasu: I learnt you said you’re bringing thugs over to Bayo’s house.
Alaka: Who said that?
Iliasu: That is what I was told now
Alaka: Be patient Alhaji, I have been at Bayo’s house since 8 o’clock.
Iliasu: You bastard, are you insane?
Alaka: I’m listening to you
Iliasu: If you foment any trouble over there, if you’re not jailed for a month, call me a bastard. Before I was taking it lightly with you, are you under a curse?
Alaka: I don’t disrespect or act rude to elderly people sir.
Iliasu: If you don’t disrespect me, woe betides your ancestors, disrespect me.
Alaka: I won’t.
Iliasu: I heard you posted our first conversation on the internet. Anywhere I see you, in fact I’m coming over to your house if I don’t beat you to death, call me bastard. It shall not be well with your ancestors, are you an exco of the local government or zone, who are you?
Alaka: I still maintain my stand that I won’t insult you in return.
Iliasu: Soon, you will found yourself in difficult position with misfortune
Alaka: That is not in your hand, it’s in God’s hand
Iliasu: You can also post this conversation on the internet as well, you unfortunate human being.
Alaka: I’m listening to you.
Iliasu: You can still put this on the internet, it shall not be well with your ancestors, you didn’t tell us that you are putting in on the internet, you allowed the world to listen to our conversation, if you dare, insult me in return.
Alaka: I’m still patient to listen to you because you’re an elderly person and I will never insult you
Iliasu: I’m coming to beat you up mercilessly, you can tell the police.
Alaka: Is that a threat? Alhaji Iliasu are you threatening me?
Iliasu: I said it shall not be well with your progenitors.
Alaka: You said you will come to my house, to come and do what?
Iliasu: From now on, you will not be reckoned with among successful people, if you do call me a bastard, you this worthless soul.
Alaka: God is great.
Iliasu: What are you looking for at Bayo’s house with touts, is that where they are selling rice.
Alaka: I went to his house because Bayo is the party Chairman for Moro local government; I won’t go there if he is not the party Chairman.
Iliasu: You shall cease to be relevant in Moro and in Kwara I promise you.
Alaka: That is only in God’s hands
Iliasu: You want to scam our people, you claim to be playing politics. I have all your secrets in my hand and I will soon expose you to the world, I spoke with you and you went ahead to post it on the internet, what do you stand to gain with that, you must be under a spell.
Alaka: You said you will come to my house, what are you coming to do in my house, you said I can’t go to Bayo’s house so what are you coming to do in my house?
Iliasu: I’m coming over to beat you up in your house, if not you can call me a bastard, bastards like yourself went to Bayo’s house to take rice yesterday.
Alaka: Was it Alhaji Bayo that told you that I brought bags of rice to his house for more than five hours.
Iliasu: You’re still talking? It shall not be well with you, you this worthless thief, my own child is not a worthless person like you, that scam people around.
Alaka: I have no issue with your child and I have no issue with you either. In what way do I have issue with you? Mention just two things you can point to that I did for me to have any issue with you?
Alaka: Thank you Alhaji Iliasu, the rice that I shared is of the same quantity with the one you’re complaining about, I don’t see reason for your complain or my offence.
Iliasu: Who asked you to start sharing rice?
Alaka: Alhaji what are you really angry about, I don’t understand
However, some of the party members from Moro and supporters of Alaka commended him for his maturity and wisdom displayed in his response to Iliasu.
One of them later called Iliasu in defense of Alaka: Hear him:
Kinsman: Asalam Alaykum Alhaji Iliasu, Good morning sir
Iliasu: Yes
Kinsman: Well-done on your communal effort, may God grant strength
Iliasu: Amin
Kinsman: I have heard the audio, where you replied Alaka. May Almighty Allah for the sake of Sheu Alimi, Alfa Jongbolo, Sheikh Adam Al-Ilory, Sheikh Mohammed Kamaludeen, Alfa Aribidesi, and many other men of God especially Prophet Muhammad (SAW), you will not have a good ending, you will die a worthless death. May all the good things in life evade you for all you said to Alaka who is our man. For all the curses you placed on him, may all the things you desire in life evade you, may you be sad for the rest of your life, you worthless Elder. Look at the legacy of some other elders, all you do is insult, may all your affair be in disarray, may you never find favour. May you become valueless till your death, may your old age be in pains and ridicule. You are not the first person who claimed to have metaphysical power which is giving you false hope, others that possess it more than you are dead. Useless Elder, it shall not be well with you, reply me if you dare.
Kinsman: Woe betide your ancestors. The Alaka you’re insulting, do you think he doesn’t have siblings that you’re insulting his father. Useless ex-convict, moron, reply me, it shall not be well with you, an object of ridicule”.

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