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Repentance, not prayers will rescue Nigeria from its woes – Cleric

By Jimoh Sulyman

Muslims and the general populace, have been admonished to repent and move away from their bad ways, rather than just praying to God, while their actions negate the prayer requests.

This was said by Imam Abdulkadir Salahudeen, the chief Imam of Alhaji Oseni Olanrewaju central Mosque, Post office area of Ilorin on Friday, while delivering his sermon to the congregation.

The Imam stressed that, prayers alone can not solve the nation’s problem, rather, the people need to put in their efforts in order to rescue the situation of the country.

Salahudeen added that, Allah will not change the situation of any nation or group of people unless they’re ready to amend their evil ways and return to the way of Allah.

The cleric noted that if all people repent from their bad ways and return to Allah, He will bring prosperity to them as a reward for coming back to the right path.

He further stated that, “In Islam, there are some things that do not necessarily need prayer, all it takes is the right effort, and things will go on as they should”.

He however said, truly the power of prayers can’t be slighted, adding that prayer is truly the key to  all possibilities, but prayers without a complementing actions will be rendered obsolete.

Imam Salahudeen stated that it is important for one to be religious, for that is our primary assignment on earth, but it all come to naught, if there is no good actions to complement it.

“truly religion is important, because it is our primary assignment on earth but it will all be rendered void when we don’t have good actions to back it up” ,he said.

He enjoined the people to always watch themselves and also whenever they’re facing misfortune, they should always check if the misfortune is self inflicted or due to circumstances beyond their power.

The Islamic Scholar stated that “the prevalent corruption in our society, is the cause of our nation misfortune, and nothing will change, if we don’t change” he said.

Speaking on the rampant trend of online fraud among the youths, Imam apportioned the blame to the parents, he stated that, “The majority of the blame is on some parents who are condoning their children who are into Fraud.

In another part of the sermon, Salahudeen lamented the state of the economy and how it is affecting the livelihood of everyone in the country more so as the Eid festival is fast approaching.

The cleric also warned the corrupt politicians and evil doer, to amend their way, because the punishment of Allah is lurking and it can only be averted through sincere repentance.

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