How to guide yourself

Be Aware of your surroundings: This is very important as you will immediately notice if anything seems strange and disturbing. You will then know how to strategise and protect yourself.
Avoid distractions: It is very easy to reach for your blackberry or novel and get embroiled in the happening of both devices that you are not aware of your surroundings. Remember, your life and property is at stake. keep that phone and book till it is more convenient to use.
Change your route: It isn’t only in the movies that people stalk their victims before attacking. Robbers have been know to canvas the area before making their move. If you are used to a particular route then its time to shake things up a bit. Change routes and throw your trailers off your scent.
Make eye contact: If you notice that you are being followed or something, make eye contact with your follower. It would throw them off because they expect you to slink away or try to shake them off by running away. Before you do this, do ensure that you are armed. It would not do to challenge your attacker while unarmed.
Pepper Spray: On the subject of being armed, pepper spray is not overrated. If applied properly, it would give you enough time to disable your attacker and run for it. Aim for the eye of your attacker when using your can of pepper spray and while he is down, you might consider kicking him in the balls or shin for added effect. However, once your attacker is disabled, call for help or run from the scene as fast as possible.
Trust your gut: If you suspect something or feel that something is out of place, do something about it. Especially if it is a niggling feeling in your gut. More often that not, this has saved the lives of a lot of people. Don’t ignore your gut; there’s a reason you have a feeling.
Set Boundaries: If there is a male or female admirer who doesn’t know where and when to draw the line, do the person a favour and draw the line yourself. People take advantage of spineless people who are afraid to speak out for fear of hurting the other person’s feelings. Besides you do not know the full capabilities of the said individual. For your peace of mind, draw that line!!!

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