Remi Surutu resumes acting after mourning daughter

The Nollywood actress who lost her daughter, Ayo on July 2,2017 has resumed work on the set of “Gold Statute,” a Tade Ogidan movie.
Her colleagues were stunned at her appearance because they all assumed she was mourning and would not make it to any movie location.
But Remi is a professional and would come to work despite all odds!
Here’s a testimony by actress Judith Audu on her encounter with Remi Surutu while on set of the movie, Gold Statute.
“So I met this awesome woman for the first time on the set of @goldstatuemovie , she recently lost her daughter, when she first got on set, it was almost impossible to hold back tears when talking to her and I remember asking our PM @bakkyadeoye if it was wise to bring her out and he said ‘Judith you don’t know Remi, if Director says Action she will switch’ and each time I see her I loved her and admired her even more, she was almost never there but she still tried to listen and smile with everyone…The day of shoot finally came and I saw a powerful actor, she was like a different person, she transformed, and I was stunned and I was like WOW!!!!!! And I am so happy Aunty @solasobowale made us bring her out, it was sooooooooooo nice to see her smile, the energy and passion was so amazing!!!! You are a super strong woman and I pray the Lord grant you more strength and fortitude to bear the irreplaceable loss.

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