LG Poll: Isin youth plead for educated aspirants


With the local government elections some few weeks away, youths and elders of Isin local government area of Kwara State has pleaded with the leadership of the All Progressives Congress (APC) to ensure it gives it’s ticket to educated aspirants.
This much was disclosed to this medium through a press release jointly signed by Elder Emmanuel Kalejaiye and Com. Segun Ibidoye on Sunday.
The Press statement emphasised that for the progress and informed representation of local government, they are totally against the continuous foisting of uneducated politicians as it’s representative both at the state and local government level, adding that the quality of the Representative of the local government at the State Executive Council (SEC) is a disservice to LG.
“It reads, with the exception of our House of Assembly member who is a Surveyor and well read, majority of our other representatives are either not lettered or half lettered and this has negatively robbed off on us as an LG.
“Mrs Iyabo Adewuyi who represents this LG as a Commissioner cannot sincerely thank her own in a cabinet comprising of PhD holders, Pharmacist, celebrated bankers among others, the LG is the worst for it.
“We observe with dismay how she finds it hard expressing herself in simple English in public, a good example is during her screening as a Commissioner nominee in 2015 and recently during a committee invitation where her Permanent Secretary had to answer all questions directed at her even while she was physically present” it reads.
He an indigene of Edidi, a Sociology graduate from Unilorin, he holds 2 masters degrees and also a Councillor under the Chairmanship of Chief Bisi Oloruntoba from Alla.

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