Daughter of man with 35 children put to bed after 3-yr- pregnancy


By Daniel Ayantoye

Ejimoni Ekupma, daughter of an unidentified man with 35 children -10 boys and 25 girls -from four wives has put to bed after being pregnant for three years in Akure, Ondo State.

The sister of the woman, Mrs Blessing Eze, who made the disclosure during a testimony at Charismatic Renewal Ministry in Ilorin at the weekend, lamented what she described as ‘protracted spiritual bondage’ experienced by her family.

According to her, all efforts towards ensuring that her sister was delivered of the baby were to no avail until God’s intervention.

Mrs Eze stated that among all her father’s children, she is the only one with a successful marriage adding that some of her siblings suffered broken homes or faced with one family attack or the other.

“In my family, my father gave birth to 35 children and no one had a good and peaceful marriage except me. It has been a case of one attack to the other.

“I don’t even know that the God will single me out, because it has been a serious battle in my family. I am the 25th in the family” she added.

“God used me to break the yoke of misfortune in my family and delivered my eldest sister from three years pregnancy.


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