Surfer who survived shark attack to retire, April


Many would have excused surfer Mick Fanning if he had decided to call it a day after being attacked by a shark.
Yet almost three years on, that moment has only just arrived for the three-time world champion, who has announced he will retire in April.
The Australian was famously chased by a shark through the waters of Jeffreys Bay in South Africa, escaping only after punching it.
“I need a fresh challenge” is a common phrase among retiring sportsmen and women – indeed, it is what 36-year-old Fanning has planned for the future, although he is yet to reveal any further details.
Competing on the Eastern Cape, Fanning was knocked into the water when a shark approached his board.
“I just saw fins. I was waiting for the teeth,” he told Fox Sports.
He was able to startle the shark by “punching” its back, enough to ward it off.
Fanning escaped without injury and the tournament was called off soon afterwards.
He only returned to the sport full-time in 2017 after reducing his schedule following the attack.

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