4 Things you should never give up for relationship


Love is a gift beyond compare. There are many people who are ready to do anything and I mean anything for the sake of love. However, there comes a time when you need to be very careful with the steps you take in life. There are different things you cannot afford to give up in the name of love. Here are four things you should never give up for a relationship.

Self Respect: Self-respect is important in any relationship. Never create a chance to lose your self-respect in the name of loving someone.  If you seem to be losing your self-respect at some point then you should reconsider the affair.

Happiness: If your love life has been undermining your happiness then it is time you thought twice. A good relationship is one full of happiness.  Happiness is considered the long-term fulfillment of any relationship. A relationship where happiness is a nightmare is not worth it.

Independence: Relationship are meant to be made stronger and better. Love should be a wonderful experience. You have to maintain your independence if you want to be in a long-lasting relationship. Do not leave everything at the mercy of another person while striving to get love in return.

Other Relationships: There are other people in your life. They equally deserve to be respected. Never undermine other relationship while striving to please a man or woman. Live knowing that you deserve happiness and love.

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