Bills: Saraki’s Senate blazes trail, passes 201 bills in 33 months

The senate under the leadership of Dr Bukola President has again blazed the trail by surpassing the records of previous legislatures in bill passage.
This is despite the distraction from his alleged corruption trial which has been described as political persecution by his supporters.
Among the bills passed by the Saraki’s led senate include the long abandoned petroleum industry bill meant to unbundle the petroleum sector for better revenue accountability and treatment of the host communities.
With this feat, the 8th senate surpassed previous records in the numbers of bills passed by previous legislatures since the country returned to democracy in 1999.
Recall that the 5th Senate (2003 to 2007) passed 129 Bills in all; the 6th Senate (2007 to 2011) passed 72 Bills and the 7th Senate (2011 to 2015) had a total of 129 Bills respectively.
Commenting on the achievements which were done on Thursday, Saraki in tweet through his personal handle (@Bukolasaraki) weekend commended his colloquies in the upper chamber for their support and hard work that allowed the Upper Legislative Chamber to reach the milestone.
The tweet read:
”As of today, the Senate has passed 201 Bills. We still have 15 months to go, yet, we have reached this milestone. I would like to thank my Distinguished Colleagues for their hard work and cooperation over the last 33 months.’’

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