What ‘ll you do if your spouse-to-be beat you 2 weeks to your wedding?


Domestic violence can happen to anyone, yet the problem is often overlooked, excused, or denied. For this reason, AMINAT BABATUNDE asks people what they would do if their partner-to-be beat them two weeks to their wedding day?

Suleiman Fatima (Teacher) – I’ll not marry him: I will not marry him again because the beating may continue after the marriage, when it may too late for me to quit.

Suleiman Kabir Ajetunmobi   (Marketer) – I’ll go ahead with the wedding plans: First of all I will like to state that every woman lacks crisis management. And before wedding couple are believed to have been managing yourself. As a tolerant and patient individual I have all what it takes to manage such crisis and continue with the wedding plans.

Hon. Abdul Hameed Oladipupo Alli aka Mr. Nigeria (Media Practitioner) – I’ll first of all ascertain her mental status: I will firstly, let the two families come together and take a step towards knowing her mental status so as to make her see a psychiatric on time. The family will also need to confirm if she’s on drugs or not so as to know if she probably did that when she was high. This is important to assist her and the people around her too. By the time one knows this, it will be easier to manage the situation and take a decision then.

Abdullahi Atinuke Zuliat (    ) – It is better to end it all: Someone that beats a woman once will always do it again. It’s better to end a bad relationship than a marriage. It is better he showed his true colour before marriage. Someone that beats you doesn’t love you, secondly, someone that can’t control his temper can’t live with a woman and thirdly, they (wife beaters) don’t change as it gets worse overtime.

Idris Ridwan Tosho (Corps member) – It’s immoral: In everything we do in life, there should be a blueprint to follow. The two major religions; Islam and Christianity have Quran and the Bible respectively, as guide for adherents.  It is not written anywhere in the Holy Books that a wife or husband should beat his/her partner. If she slaps me few days to our wedding, it is a sign that I would be beaten up every day for the rest of my life. Couples should get to know each other better before getting married so as to guard against surprises that may spring up. It is important to remember that the main goal of marriage should be peace and happiness.

Adeoti Oluwaseyi (Civil servant) – I’ll put the marriage on hold: Is this for real? Something is wrong somewhere. I will first of all find out what made him do that. Secondly, if I am wrong as my husband-to-be he needs to be patient and overlook my mistakes. For him to beat me shows he will do more than that when I get married to him. So, I will put the marriage on hold for us to better understand our differences to make things straight.

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