Is it proper for lovers to exchange nude pictures?


People take and exchange nude pictures with specific people because
it’s fun and can be sexy. Such lovers ignore the risk of their
partners turning around to give or show the pictures to someone else.
AMINAT BABATUNDE, asks residents of Ilorin, the Kwara State capital
whether they can send their nude pictures to their lovers despite the
inherent danger;

Aminat Abosede (Artist) – It’s very dangerous: Hmmm, if I am legally
married to him I can do it but for just boyfriend, I can never do it
because it’s very dangerous.
Because I love my husband and he may need my picture if I am far away
from him. He has every right since I am married to him and I believe
my husband will never show anyone my nude picture.
Adelakun Adebimpe Zainab (Make-up artiste) – It is uncalled for:  No,
why should I? I find those sending nude pictures to their
boyfriends/lovers very pathetic; I actually don’t trust anyone so it
very uncalled for.
What if I offend him or decide not to date him again and he is looking
for something to hurt me and I bet you that’s a great payback.
I can’t trust my boyfriend on that aspect. He has access to see me
every day so there’s no point sending anything to him I’ll rather
prefer we talk on video calls.
Kelechi Ikpo (Business man) – Nothing wrong in sending nude pictures:
Yes of course, it spices up relationship. To me, it makes both party
committed to each other rather than looking elsewhere most especially
when both party are not staying in the same state or environment.
It drives mood bearing in mind what your partner have in place. Most
times from guys’ perspective, I like curvy ladies.
Olaleken Ibrahim (Student) – I won’t advise anyone to do such:
Assuming I really love the so-called girl and she didn’t reciprocate
what I feel for her and maybe I did something to hurt her, she may
threaten to release my nude pictures online and she can use that to
blackmail me. So, I can’t and I won’t advise anyone to send nude
pictures to their lovers.
In a situation whereby breakup or divorce wants to set in, and my
lover has my nude pictures, how do l ask her to delete the pictures or
will I report the matter at the judiciary and I won’t end up hurting
myself? So, if one of us is not around, he/she would rather wait for
the partner to come back and we can enjoy the moments we have missed
Ayodele Jacob Oluwaseyi (Photographer) – It depends on situation
My nude should be safe with someone I called my lover. Anyway, it
depends on the situation. In a situation whereby you are far from your
spouse and all what she could use in quenching the s** urge is to
require for my nude, I see no reason I can’t send it to her.
However, there are some things you can’t do anymore once you become a
celebrity or public figure as such may be used against you if leaked.
Ariyo Adedeji (Student) – She may use it for blackmail
No, that could be stupid of me. I don’t know her ulterior motive. She
may use it to blackmail me. Human being will always be human,
regardless of your relationship.
Idris Ridwan Tosho (Student) – It may boomerang in future
Taking nude pictures is not something to be taken lightly. Taking nude
photographs with your partner or sending such may seem straightforward
but it’s not as simple as turning on your camera. You have to be aware
of the political, technological, and personal effects sending that
quick nude can have on you.
However, in our society, it is believed that it’s a taboo for same
gender to see each other’s nude not to talk of different gender.

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