Crime Focus: Questions we should ask ourselves

By Soliu Mohammed Woru

Crime prevention is every citizen’s responsibility and should not be left entirely to the police. Many citizens have expressed concern about the rising wave of crime in our society and are helpless as they cannot to do anything concrete about the situation.

Indeed, most of the crimes committed could have been prevented if the public observed the precautions, which the police have from time to time advocated. Although precautionary measures will not stop criminals from operating especially when they have access and get easy targets, if your business premises, homes, cars and other valuable are properly secured, chances of being a crime victim will be lesser.

The longer it takes a burglar to break into your home or business premises, the greater the possibility that he would not break into it. Criminals are normally in race for time and are afraid of being seen or caught. In view of the above, we need to ask ourselves the following questions:

Do you always put on the light inside and outside of your premises at the close of business for the day?

When you display merchandise, do you always ensure you keep the more expensive item inside and put on light inside the store? Do you make sure the show glass gives clear view of the entire store so that any intruder can been seen by passers-by?

Do you ensure that protective steel bars or other protective barriers are strong and cannot be easily cut?

When you need a safe, do you buy good quality that can fit the floor and wall, preferably in an area where it can be clearly seen though glass window by anyone passing by?

Do you ensure all doors leading outside your store are installed with solid frames? If you have glass doors and windows, did you install strong wire mesh or steel which cannot be removed easily?

Do you display valuable items in your car carelessly?

Do you ensure that all ladders and other items that can be used to climb are removed from your premises? Do you park your business vehicles away from the wall as they could be used to climb?

Do you mark all important business and office equipment for easy identification and keep an inventory of these for regular checking?

Before you employ anyone, do you check his or her record and references and let he or she prove that you can trust him/her.

When you install an alarm system, do you conceal its operation unit and ensure its effectiveness by regular servicing?

Do you make sure your valuable items are locked away in solid drawers or cupboards?

Do you ensure that large sums of money are not kept in your house or your store but rather in the bank?

Do you always provide adequate security for your cash in transit?

Do you send money by post or oblige fraudsters asking you to make full payment of goods yet to be delivered?

Do you leave your chequebook or passbook lying carelessly or do you sign uncrossed cheques in advance?

Do you report your missing or stolen chequebook or passbook to your bank and the police immediately?

Do you always pass vital information about suspected criminals to the police?

Do you carefully note main features of the strangers that enter your compound? If they are in a vehicle do you note the brand, registration number, colour and direction headed to for information to the police if need be?

When watching television, listening to the radio or entertaining guests, especially at night, do you make sure all windows and doors are surely locked?

Do you ensure that security light in front; back ad sides of your premises are switched on at night?

Do you hide keys under your door, mats or other obvious places?

If you employ a night watch man, do you check his credentials and references and make sure he is reliable and physically fit for the job?

Do you make sure you ask strange persons who call under the guise of meter readers, electricians’ plumbers and salesman etcetera to show their identity cards?

If your answers to these security posts are in the negative, then you are most likely to be an easy prey for criminals. What you need to do therefore, is to tighten up your laxity, be security conscious and cooperate with the police at all times.

This, of course, is the best way you can complement police’s efforts in reducing crime in our society.

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