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Sulihija: Badmas task Muslims on spiritual rejuvenation


The Imam  of Al’ illal Mosque, GRA, Ilorin, Kwara  State,  Prof Lanre Badmas has urged Muslims to partake in spiritual activities in the month of sulihija so as to receive blessings from Allah.
He gave the charge in his sermon during Jum’aat on Friday, adding that the month is important in Muslim calendar.
He advised that, “All Muslims should observe fasting in the first eleven days to receive reward from Allah. Those who cannot observe the fast must endeavour to at least fast on Arafat day  so as to make their supplication known to Allah.”
Badmas explained that the month is significant as it’s  the period one of the pillars of Islam, pilgrimage, is observed; when Muslims who are privileged go to the holy land  for spiritual rejuvenation and to seek the face of Allah for their needs.
The Imam, however, stressed that offering of animal sacrifice during hajj is sunna, according to prophet, saying “Allah did not make it mandatory to those who do not have the wherewithal to slaughter ram. Therefore Muslims shouldn’t borrow money to perform the ibadat.  Allah doesn’t need the blood or the meat but the intention of killing the animal towards His worship is what matterst. It is  act of ibadat that started with Prophet Ibrahim,” he explained.
The cleric, Badmas enumerated the  animals that could be used to perform the  sacrifice to include ram, Carmel ,  goats and cows among others, urging Muslims to share portions of the meat with the less privileged .

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