Why I don’t kiss in movies – Ruth Kadiri


Ace Nollywood actress, Ruth Kadiri has opened up on why she does not kiss in movies.

The beautiful actress also said that she has no intention of doing it anytime soon or in the future for any production.

In an interview, Kadiri, while speaking on factors that could make her accept a script, said kissing on set is against her policy.

“As a script writer, I can identify a good or bad script, and once a script is bad, I  try  not to be a part of it,” she added.

The actress went further to state that aside from the script being good or bad, the script should also not be contrary to her beliefs.

One of the salient value the actress listed was the fact that she won’t take a script that requires her to kiss an actor on set.

Speaking further, the actress mentioned that she has stuck with this belief for years and it has not hampered her growth in the industry, saying “kissing doesn’t make you go further or lesser as an actor.” To Ruth Kadiri, there’s no point trying to please an audience against one’s principle, adding that the act is unAfrican.


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