What would you do if your partner walks out on your dad during argument?

Parents are our inestimable assets that is why people cannot stand it when others disrespect them. But, what would you do, if your spouse walks out on your dad during an arguement? Asks KAYODE ADEOTI

Adelusi Tosin (Sales rep) – I’ll quit the relationship: Hmmm that will be the end of that relationship because it will only show how irresponsible my fiancé is. I value my parents more than anything or anyone. Without my parents I am nothing, so he has no right to walk out on my Dad.

Adigun Morenikeji (Student) – I’ll not tolerate it: I can break his head. I would have informed my spouse that I value my parents, so he wouldn’t offend me by going to that extent with my dad because I will not tolerate it

Wuraola Umar (Sales Rep.) – Such man is not meant for me:  Where on earth would I meet such a man in the first place? And if per chance, such happens, it means he is not meant for me. It is as simple as that.

Femi Moses (Civil servant) – There’s no justifiable reason for it: In the African culture, you do not only marry your spouse only, you marry his/her entire family. So, there is no justifiable reason for my wife to disrespect her in-laws in such manner. But, if it happens we have to sit and talk about it, then we both go to my father, apologize to him and promise that it would never happen again. Case dismissed!

Ola Ola (Civil servant) – I’ll beat her up: I will not only beat her in their presence but also end the relationship. That is very absurd.

Olalekan Junaid (School Proprietor) – It’s no big deal: I won’t be troubled, but I would want to know why she behaved that way. See, everything about me is always usual, so if she behaves in such manner, I will just want to know why. It could be for a good cause. But thank God I’m married, and my wife is cool headed.

Jayeoba Victor (Engineer) – We’ll apologise to my dad: I’ll just apologise to my dad and make sure she apologise to him too…  Nothing too serious.

Dupe Adewuyi (Civil Servant) – When he’s not insane, I don’t take rubbish: I will drag him back instantly and either make him apologise or explain reason behind his action. But, no matter what, it’s wrong for him to walk out on someone who could also be said to be his father.

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