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Former death row prisoner graduates with law degree


A former death row inmate has graduated with a law degree she studied for while in a Ugandan maximum-security prison.
Susan Kigula was convicted of murder when she was 21 years old and sentenced to death.
It was while on death row that she was convinced to study law:
“We had no classes. I was studying under a tree. I weathered the sun, I weathered the rain. Some of my fellow inmates and some of the staff did not understand why a death row inmate would study law but it was because of the determination, the commitment, the perseverance and hardwork that I put in because I had set a goal to change my life for better,” she said.
She successfully challenged her sentence in a landmark ruling and now wants the death penalty to be abolished.
“I want people to know that we do not need a death sentence in our country. Had I been executed I would not be here sharing my story with you”.
Even Uganda’s Deputy Chief Justice Owiny Dollo is questioning the death penalty.
He attended the party for Ms Kigula at Luzira Maximum security prison in the capital Kampala, complete with a dance troop from the prison.

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