How Kaffy ditched aeronautical engineering for dancing


Not so many people are aware that Kaffy was an aeronautical engineer before she ventured into dancing.

We all know how lowly dancers are seen maybe until recently, then imagine an engineer leaving her profession for dancing! Mind boggling right? During a recent chat with Sunday Guardian, Kaffy shed more light on her transition from engineering to choreography.

“In fact, I feel more fulfilled now (with) what I’m doing. I have an opportunity to directly impact people’s lives and empower people’s minds for the better,” she said.

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Kaffy during her interview went on to share her trade secret for budding dancers aspiring to succeed in the industry.

“My trade secret is total commitment. When I get a job, I do it with all my heart, not based on pay,” she said. So in case you are aspiring to be the next Guinness World record holder just like Kaffy, then you should take a cue for this secret she has shared.

Kaffy has definitely paid her dues in the entertainment industry so when she won an award at the recently concluded Headies Awards, it didn’t come as a surprise to many.

Kaffy is a year older today .

“Even as much as it felt it was long overdue, for us to be recognized for our contributions in the entertainment industry, it also feels good that it came especially. The pain, the gain, the disappointment is all not in vain,” she said when asked about the awards.

Kafayat Oluwatoyin Shafu-Ameh also known as Kaffy is probably the most celebrated and popular choreographer in Nigeria. She is married to Joseph Ameh and blessed with two beautiful children and they recently celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary.

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