Constitute cabinet now to avoid political pressure, group tells Gov Abdulrazaq

A group, Kwara APC Frontiers has called on Governor Abdulrahman
Abdulrazaq to as a matter of urgency constitute his cabinet to resist
the pressure over appointments in the party.
The group in a statement signed by its President, Ogbeni Abimbola
Ogunyemi faulted the statement of the Kwara South Forum which
criticised the party executives over the issue between the Governor
and party chairman, Bashiru Omolaja Bolarinwa.
According to him “We urge him to constitute his cabinet as soon as
possible to shift the pressure away from the centre and enhance an
imparted form of government”.
The full statement with the title “Kwara South Eleder’s Forum:
Ahithophels in APC”, reads:
“Our attention has been drawn to the false claims made by some
desperate elders of the All Progressives Congress (APC) from Kwara
South against the State Executives Committee of the party.
“Whereas the pedestrian comments of these elders who footloose for the
attention of the Governor for political consideration does not deserve
to be honored with response from any quarter, it is important to put
the records straight following the undue amplification of the comments
referred to as their resolutions.
“There is no doubt, there could be some contending issues between the
Governor and the party which we guess could be appointments and
funding. Whatever it is, this is normal within a democratic set up. We
disagree to agree…
“Unfortunately, the supposedly concern elders’ rather than give a
recipe for genuine resolution and chart a way to make the party wax
stronger, have come with a resolution which can be likened to the
Biblical Ahithophel’s foolish advice to Absalom against his father,
“Had God not turned Ahithophel’s advice into foolishness, the King
would have died in the hands of his son as counseled by one of the
greatest ancient court advisers that ever lived.
“In the light of the above, Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq should
shun these misleading elders whose goals are to impugn the integrity
of the Bolarinwa led State Executive Committee and cause
fractionalisation of the APC in Kwara State.
“At this stage of our political development in Kwara state, what is
needed is political consolidation. The State Government and the ruling
APC need to give Kwarans the positive change they promised them.
Happily, Governor Abdulrazaq has acknowledged the people as his
primary constituency in the determination to deliver to them the
fruits of governance and his first 80 days have probably left no one
in doubt as to how quickly he wants the people to feel the impact of
“We urge him to constitute his cabinet as soon as possible to shift
the pressure away from the centre and enhance an imparted form of
“We urge the State Executive Committee to set up a disciplinary
committee to handle the intransigent Kwara South Elders’ Forum, whose
stock in trade is to always cause confusion within the party.
“It is never in the interest of all APC party faithful in Kwara State
to have a schism between the Governor and the State Executive.
Irrespective of the righteousness of one’s cause, there is often a
time to shift grounds and concede certain positions for the larger
benefit of the society. What this means is that if two sides of an
argument remain adamant till the very end, the group may suffer
irreparable damage. And to whose advantage?”

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