I worked as maid to raise capital for business – CEO, Success Shoes and Bags


The CEO of Success Shoes and Bags design, Mrs. Rashidat Olamilekan has been in the business for over 17 years. Her exquisite artistic works stands her out amidst her peers. Her customers have not only come to love her products such as shoes and bags, but trust her to deliver topnotch designs that will make them want more.
However, her artistic achievements did not come on a platter of gold but with sheer determination to succeed and years of learning from her boss.  Olamilekan had to work for over two years as a housemaid in order to raise capital to start her shoe and bag business.
“Before I could raise start up capital, I had to work for over two years as a housemaid because I was not living with my parents. As a housemaid, I was buying my materials little by little, and the boss I learnt the trade from, was humane to me. I was able to get a shop and start my business after three years of tutelage,” she disclosed.
On the challenges faced, noted that patience is key for any entrepreneur to succeed.  Olamilekan further stressed that she has been able to manage her work exigencies by adhering strictly with the rule of ‘First come, first serve’ basis.
“Patience is key in this business. Some customers will abuse you because you are unable to meet up with the time you promised them. As such, some of them will hurl abuses on you, you just have to be patient because you are the one that wants to collect money from them not vice versa. However, I personally do comply with the rule of ‘First come, first serve’. So I don’t usually have arguments with my customers.
She therefore advised graduates who are unemployed to learn crafts that will help them make a living rather than waiting for white collar jobs that are not available.
Her words, “What an entrepreneur gains in terms of monetary returns in a month are far more than that of someone who is being offered a white collar job where he or she can hardly have a saving in a month. I will advice that unemployed graduates most especially the youth should learn one or two crafts in order for them to fend for themselves and be self-employed instead of waiting for white collar jobs that are not available,” she advised.

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